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Kittilä 2022



The planning for this trip began in 2020 targeted at February 2021. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic that date obviously had to be postponed and the new target is February 2022 instead.

The plan is to take a group with varying levels of experience into the Boreal Forest, west of Kittilä in Northern Finland. The trip will focus on sub zero camping skills with relatively short distances travelled between camps.

We will be flying in to the local airport, picking up food and fuel supplies locally.

My equipment should remain largely the same as previous trips but there have been a few minor modifications and I’m sure more refinements may follow.

I will be experimenting with a new shelter, the Wayland Snow Shed, and a new Ventile cover for my sleeping system. I have also made a lighter weight toboggan and changed the saw I will be taking with me. Apart from the addition of a solar charger for my photographic kit, most of the other changes made to my gear so far are cosmetic really.

We are currently (Sept 2021) waiting for the flight companies to firm up their schedules following the C-19 disruption but as two of our party work in education, the trip will be based around the half term break in the middle of the month.


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The Ice Raven Project promotes sustainable and low impact bushcraft and wilderness skills in Arctic and winter conditions. This includes the use of  tents, tarps  and snow shelters where possible. Fires are only used where safe and where use and collection of firewood will not damage the natural environment. We often travel to locations by public transport and then use snowshoes, sleds, toboggans and pulks to transport our equipment into the wilderness.