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Snow Thermometers

Snow Thermometers - Ice Raven - Sub Zero Adventure - Copyright Gary Waidson, All rights reserved.

I’ve been tinkering again.

I wanted some spirit thermometers for working in sub zero temperatures. They are useful for tracking the weather and snow conditions.

I found some simple thermometers on a brewing site that spanned the range I needed, +50c to -42c. They came in a simple plastic case which protected the glass in transit and even provided a hanging loop which is useful, but if I’m going to leave a couple of these hanging on tree branches around the camp, I wanted something a little more robust for when they are in use.

So, sifting through some brass tube in my engineering chest, I found one just the right size and made sleeves for a couple of them.

Handily, they still fit into the plastic sleeve for transport as well which is a bonus.

Weather trackers - Ice Raven - Sub Zero Adventure - Copyright Gary Waidson, All rights reserved.

For more detailed temperature and weather metrics I carry a digital weather tracker but as usual, I like to have old school analogue equipment with me as a back up.

Digital Sensor - Ice Raven - Sub Zero Adventure - Copyright Gary Waidson, All rights reserved.

Looking for a device that would track temperature for a trip and allow me to download the data I came across this we fellow. Waterproof and running off AAA cells that stand a chance of still working at low temperatures, it links to my phone via Bluetooth and transfers data whenever it is in range, storing the data points when out of range.

One thing I particularly like is the ability to calibrate the sensor so I can match it’s readings to a lab standard thermometer for more accurate readings.

It is noticeable that the Kestrel meter is less accurate than it once was so I have to compensate for that inaccuracy in my head when reading it.

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The Ice Raven Project promotes sustainable and low impact bushcraft and wilderness skills in Arctic and winter conditions. This includes the use of  tents, tarps  and snow shelters where possible. Fires are only used where safe and where use and collection of firewood will not damage the natural environment. We often travel to locations by public transport and then use snowshoes, sleds, toboggans and pulks to transport our equipment into the wilderness.